Northern Wildlife paintings and and Landscape paintings by Northern Wildlife Artists. High quality large reproductions and original oil paintings suitable for framing. High quality framing is available as an option, not mandatory. Save on shipping!   
We Do accept

These art prints are all signed and numbered investment prints on canvas or high quality art paper.
We have new releases and hard to find art prints of Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders,
John Seerey-Lester, Terry Isaac, Daniel Smith
and many other Nature artists. We have the largest selection of Nature and Wildlife art prints in the Yukon and North West Territories in stock. We specialize in Northern Wildlife such as the Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Loon, Lynx, Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Polar Bear, Black Bear, etc.

We can provide almost any art print by Bateman, Brenders, Seerey-Lester, Terry Isaac and Daniel Smith, and get them to you for a reasonable price.

Signed and numbered art prints are a solid, inflation-proof investment, because, just like the original painting, the number is limited. The value only increases with time.

Our art prints are available professionally framed, ready to hang on a wall or display, or you can buy just the print and use your own frames.

Artmaster has the largest selection of genuine art prints in the North, and prices lower than most galleries in the South.

We sell only highest quality large size reproductions, canvas and paper "prints",
AND also original paintings.

Featured Artists

Because the value of signed and numbered prints increases, prices listed here are guidelines, but may change without notice.

The Artmaster Gallery is
in Yellowknife, NWT.

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 New  Original Oil Paintings
by the famous Leonard Koyczan
Various northern temes.
Because they sell fast, Leonard
paints more every month.
If you like one, grab it fast!

Sarah Stribbling: Golden Eagle
Rod Tribiger SOLD
There are also signed and
numbered LARGE art prints
Robert Bateman 1
Robert Bateman 2
Robert Bateman 3
Carl Brenders
John Seerey-Lester 1
John Seerey Lester 2

Various Artists

New Releases  New 

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